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November 8, 2021

Attention! Have you been longing to learn more about the relationship between food and sustainability? If you are, and even if you THINK you MIGHT be, check out our upcoming Sustainable Foods Summit in partnership with the UCL Animal Rights Society! It begins on the 15th of November and ends on the 20th with events every day between. We have lined up some expert speakers from different food/food-related industries who will each be able to highlight and discuss the importance of their particular area of expertise in the sustainable foods space.

On Monday the 15th, a panel of student entrepreneurs with Cori, Isabel, and Anne will discuss Beeswrap, sustainable farming practises and Nutcase Vegan Meats which are sustainable alternatives to plastic wrap and real meat.

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On the 16th, we’ll hear from Isiah Hernández (aka @queerbrownvegan) about the relationship between social justice and food justice and whether the two can exist separately from one another.

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On the 17th, Henry Rowlands (founder of Glyphosate Residue Free Certification) will speak about how corporate interests have played a role in the contamination of our food sources and how we can combat this.

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On November 18th, the focus is on sustainable food and the oceans and we will hear from Melissa Cronin, a PhD candidate at the UC Santa Cruz Conservation Action Lab studying ecology and evolutionary biology with an emphasis on coastal science and policy. Her research focuses on mapping and mitigating bycatch in tuna fisheries.

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We will hear from Ryan Zinn of Dr. Bronners and from Monika Firl, the Cooperative Coffees Director of Sustainability on the 19th. They will speak on how we can have sustainable coffee and chocolate, as they both have experience developing sustainable supply chains.

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The last day, on the 20th, John Roulac and Seth Itzkan will discuss regenerative agriculture and ranching.

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For each of these events, student moderators from Voiz will keep it interesting by asking questions and guiding the conversation. We hope that a few of these topics spark your interest and would love to see you at the summit!

Check out our instagram: @voiz.sustainability for more information!

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