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Aakanksha Jain

This or That

April 23, 2021

As more and more people are looking for sustainable options for their daily necessities, so many different companies are releasing their versions of plastic- free haircare. So if you’re in the market for sustainable hair-care, should you buy this product from a multi-billion dollar company such as LUSH, or a smaller company, such as HiBAR? They are both priced at ~13 USD a bar, but comparing their overall Voiz sustainability rating; the LUSH shampoo bar comes in at a solid 2.75/3 while HiBAR comes in at a less impressive 1.7/3. While the products themselves are very similar, the difference in rating ultimately comes down to one thing: transparency! As LUSH is known as an “ethical company", they work to keep that status through transparency about their ingredients and their supply chain. I am a big supporter of small companies, but HiBAR definitely missed the mark with transparency. HiBAR is marketing towards people interested in sustainability, and I understand that they may not yet have the money and resources to get third party certifications or 100% ethically sourced ingredients. However, I’m not asking them to do every single thing right from the start, a simple statement saying: “here are our ingredients and here is where we source them from, we understand that these are not 100% sustainable, but here are the steps we’re taking to be better.” At the end of the day, both LUSH and HiBAR shampoo bars are much better for the environment in terms of single- use plastics, but that is only one aspect of sustainability. How much carbon is admitted from the manufacturing process? Are the ingredients sourced ethically? Are ALL workers (within the company and supply chains) paid a living wage? Ultimately, LUSH does a much better job of answering these questions than HiBAR.  

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