One Product's Trash is Another's Treasure


Alyson Gessner

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June 20, 2021

Sometimes when I’m online shopping I find myself blown away by how many stores sell scrunchies, and by how many styles they sell. I mean, it’s a scrunchie. At first glance, it seems utterly wasteful to even sell such a variety—who needs that many anyways? But some brands like the Girlfriend Collective are using their scrunchies for good. In fact, these scrunchies reduce waste.

The Girlfriend Collective scrunchie is made entirely out of scraps from other garments. So while it would be ideal to minimize scrap waste altogether, producing these scrunchies provides an alternate way to utilize what would otherwise be waste. Thus, by repurposing the waste into a new product, the Girlfriend Collective is able to get a lot closer to their sustainability goals.

I’m not sure if every brand that sells a variety of scrunchies makes use of these practices, but it seems like it should be a pretty easy initiative to implement. The Girlfriend Collective is unique in their legitimate commitment to sustainability (their fabrics are even made with recycled plastic bottles!), so I’m hesitant to assume that all fast fashion brands are making the most of all of their materials in the same way.

Fast fashion brands have something to learn from the Girlfriend Collective, and it’s that sometimes sustainability can be achieved with what you already have. While repurposing extra fabric isn’t enough to be excuse other harmful practices, it’s certainly a start. Scraps can become scrunchies, and trash can become treasure. 

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