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Elena Konstanty

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July 17, 2021

Before I jump right into how important it is to buy surfboards from companies that use sustainable materials and are transparent about their manufacturing process (shocker) let me just give you some facts about surfing that might put it more into perspective:

For one, a pro-surfer can go through more than 40 surfboards a year, of which some break, some are worn out and others might not be the newest model anymore. Obviously this lifestyle can become extremely unsustainable real quick when you’re buying from the wrong brand and might give you a hint as to why investing into sustainable surfboards is so important.

Now not everyone is a pro-surfer but even an average surfer can own up to 4 boards. One standard, one for small days, one for big days and then the good old reliable backup board (srsly that’s a lot of boards). Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to call anyone out (after all I love skiing and that isn’t much better) but I do think consumers have a partial responsibility in buying products that are environmentally and ethically acceptable... especially when they own so many!

Although it’s important for companies to take accountability for their actions, consumers can’t solely rely on them to change for the better. We ourselves can make active decisions to buy more sustainable products.

With that in mind, the next time you want to buy a new surfboard, first ask yourself if you really need it, then check out some of the products Voiz has reviewed and see which ones have the highest rating. For example, a company that is definitely worth checking out is Grain! Unlike many mainstream brands who use foam, fiberglass and toxic resins for their surfboards Grain decided to use local softwoods from Maine. Not only is softwood known to be more sustainable than hardwood but the company makes a constant effort to be as transparent about their sourcing as possible. They make their suppliers and sourcing process openly available for consumers, which is definitely one of the reasons why the brand scored so highly!

This just goes to show that sustainable options are out there but it might just take a little more time to find them. Though in the long run it’s definitely worth it!


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