topo chico is coca cola


Lauren Stiles

DM the CEO

August 19, 2021

Dear James Quincey of Coca Cola,

Congratulations on acquiring the Topo Chico brand, though I hope to see you tell us more about it. So far, we haven’t been able to learn much about it ourselves.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find any commitments to sustainability on the Topo Chico website. This is unacceptable. A large corporation like yours should have the resources to be able to tell us about your environmental impacts and disclose sourcing information, even for your smaller brands.

Your silence is a tell-tale sign that you are trying to hide something. Guess your practices are damaging and you don’t want anyone to find out.

Well, too late. We’re onto you, James. We know that your initiative to replace all of the water from your finished beverages is nonsense. Apparently, you met this goal in 2015. But, we know that this is some prime greenwashing.

Turns out you failed to account for all the water used in agriculture, your supply chain, production, and anything else that is not water going directly into your beverages. Ick. Why did you choose to be dishonest?

Your company is worth BILLIONS of dollars. It’s past time to use some of that money for the benefit of the environment. As a major contributor to the climate crisis, it is essential that you do so. 

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