Annie Toomey

Boston College
Spring 2021

Hello! My name is Annie Toomey and I am a sophomore at Boston College. I am currently majoring in Economics and minoring in Environmental Sustainability. In my free time, I play Club Lacrosse while going on various nature adventures (honestly just anything to get outside and be active!). I have always been very passionate about sustainability. After graduating, I am hoping to become an Environmental Attorney. I want to ensure that companies and people alike are held responsible for their actions and that they act in a way that improves the environmental and the economy. I believe the best way to truly conquer the climate emergency that we are facing is empowering one another to do their part. This comes with the requirement that social justice be prioritized, as well as the necessary actions needed to bring equity in resources to the impoverished. I can’t wait to learn more about sustainability and what I can do to help the planet!

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