Jennifer Reeves

Monash university
Ecology and Conservation Biology
Spring 2021

Hi, I’m Jenny! I'm an international student from the Philippines and I am a junior at Monash University in Australia. I'm majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology as well as International Studies, both of which I'm very passionate about. I hope to one day be involved with research and have a position that can influence environmental protection policies. I love volunteering, thrifting, and using recycled materials for a mix of different creative hobbies. (If you're interested in an online safe space for doing art and networking with others, check out @ourvirtualstudio on IG!) I spend a lot of time doing outdoor activites like hiking, biking, or jogging, and I've also started learning how to roller-skate which has been really fun too! I believe that the collective ideas and opinions of the youth should be taken more seriously and given more opportunities to be heard, which is what really attracted me to Voiz. I'm excited to get to know everyone and learn more about corporate sustainability!

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