Maïa Dubois

Arts and Sciences
Spring 2021

Heyy :)) My name is Maïa and I’m a second year Arts and Sciences student at UCL. I’m super grateful for this interdisciplinary degree which enables me to combine my different passions with classes, ranging from ecology and racial/gender justice to design and documentary filmmaking. I’m originally from France but I grew up in various countries around Europe, Asia and Africa. This was such a beautiful and enriching experience which opened my eyes to the social, economic and ecological issues of our world. My interest for sustainability grew as I began to grasp the impacts of global warming by witnessing high levels of pollution while living in China, or severe droughts in South Africa. I truly believe that our generation can change the world, which is why I’m so happy to have joined Voiz and to be working towards the same goals with such a diverse group of people!

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