Phuong Truong

University of Kansas
Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics
Spring 2021

Hello, I’m Phuong, currently a junior studying Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics at the University of Kansas. I’m from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but I was born in a rural area in the Southwest of Vietnam near the Mekong Delta. I love to travel, especially to places that are the right mix between people and nature because I like to learn about the culture, but also to stay back from social interactions to enjoy the sceneries. Additionally, I’m self-learning Japanese and Korean because it’s fun to understand and speak with the people in their own language. There is a lot more to learn about Sustainability, so being a part of Voiz is an empowerment for me to create my own voice and define my purposes for my future journey. For the future, I want to be a sustainability consultant (I don’t know whether or not we have this type of role yet) because I look forward to helping people make wise decisions without compromising the long-term existence of the people and the planet.

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