Sophia Traversi

University of Southern California
Cognitive Science
Spring 2021
team lead:

Hi! My name is Sophia Traversi and I’m a junior majoring in Cognitive Science at USC. In addition to my interest in generally understanding the brain, I focus much of my energy on understanding how psychological factors influence human behavior and decision making. For this reason, I added on a minor in consumer behavior and I currently spend some of my free time researching what drives people to change their ways and adhere to sustainable practices. I’m also really interested in the ways in which businesses are becoming more sustainable particularly within the fashion and outdoor centric industries. I would like to help companies and organizations realize that they can make changes within their practices and supply chains now. Whether I end up as a consultant, start my own business, or join a core team to create solutions, I am excited to continually grow my understanding of how people can do business that is sustainable for their income and their planet . Some fun things to know about me are that I played Division 1 water polo for three years at USC and played abroad in Southern Italy for nine months after high school. I love to surf, make art, and sometimes sing! I plan to let my passions help drive the work that I do. Therefore I’ll probably be near the ocean as much as I can, above the water or scuba diving below!

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