thrifting over fast fashion?

oat milk over almond milk?

sustainable earth over pretending we could colonize Mars?

scouring IG for a sustainable cosmetic over clicking on an ad?

being mildly annoying to your friends about recycling

a scratched-up phone over showing off the newest model?

Sound like you?


just like our Sustainability Analyst Uni students, you will:


rate and review

Venus Women's Refillable Razor

overall Rating:


Text Link
Miranda Leggett

rate and review one product that you know for its sustainability each week
and have the best published on our website


weekly class video

- why gen z’s should have a say
- how clicking buy affects the UN Sustainable Development Goals
- judging what’s sustainable — and what isn’t — based on facts
- advocating for a circular, regenerative, net-zero economy
- guiding consumers, and holding corporations accountable
- writing great reviews


join a peer review

the best part of Voiz: a discussion with your peers, led by a Voiz Uni student (a Sustainability Analyst) about what you felt while reviewing your product

angry, surprised
challenged, hopeful
stuck, un-stuck
sad, aware, happy

and what you discovered:
about conditions in a garment factory in Vietnam
or a palm oil plantation in Costa Rica
or the fact that a cotton t-shirt uses up sooo much water
or that plastics can only be “wish-cycled’
or why companies would rather greenwash than be transparent

helping the planet is the point, but you also:

can show universities sustainability skills and passion through your portfolio of reviews

demonstrate critical thinking and writing

interact with a uni student focused on sustainability

integrate and apply all your secondary school courses

learn how the economy, brands and global corporations really work

meet your sustainability-minded peers

feel empowered by holding corporations accountable

become even slightly more annoying about recycling to your friends

Ready to apply?

the course costs $150. voiz is committed to inclusivity and encourages you to apply for a scholarship if you need one.

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