Califia Almond Milk
Overall Thoughts:

My biggest issue with producing almond milk is the amount of water used, especially when making almond milk from almonds grown in water-sensitive California. While Califia is unable to change the fact that almonds need a lot of water, through their manufacturing processes and working with their farmers to improve their water efficiency, Califia proves that they are very aware of their water usage and want to produce almond milk in the most sustainable way possible. Furthermore, Califia’s initiatives to reduce their energy usage and waste and to source locally are another way that they prove their awareness of their social and environmental impact.

However, while Califia is transparent about their manufacturing and farming processes, they lack information and depth about the treatment of their workers. Because they have direct relationships with their farmers, one can hope that they have good treatment of them and provide a living wage, but that is all based on my hopes. Same goes for their treatment of their factory workers.

Although Califia’s almond milk is a pricey, for everything that Califia is doing, their almond milk is worth the price. However, the bottom line is that Califia cannot change the amount of water needed to grow almonds. If you still want to support Califia in their endeavours and are okay with switching from almond milk, maybe try their oat milk instead?

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Kelly Tobar


October 23, 2020