Anti-bac starter kit by OceanSaver

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Summer Wyatt-Buchan
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OceanSaver is a new company and are clear about their mission. Their products reflect their innovation and acknowledge all the issues associated with their cause. Their products are affordable. At £1.50 for each EcoDrop, OceanSaver products are not detrimental to your wallet or the environment. It is only with consumer support, that Ocean Saver will be able to continue on their sustainable, plastic free journey. It is such a small change, for such a big impact. Overall, if I were just rating the EcoDrop this product would have received 2.8 worlds but because of the little information regarding the bottle for life’s production process the Anti-bac starter kit has an overall rating of 2.5.

what it's made of:


This is a cleaning product with three components: the bottle, the EcoDrop and you. ** Firstly, Ocean Saver doesn’t ship water. This sustainable measure is simple but effective. A typical cleaning brand, on average, sells its customer 90% water, which is unnecessary and wasteful when you think about your kitchen tap. By reducing the transport of something each household has at its fingertips, just 1 truck of Ocean Saver products to a supermarket is the equivalent of 12 of another competing brand. Reducing transport is important because less carbon dioxide, which damages the environment, will be released. Secondly, Ocean Saver understands that the world has a plastic problem and has developed a solution for single use plastics in the household cleaning industry. The anti-bac starter kit provides you with a bottle. This bottle has a 100% recyclable top, uses a plastic-free label, and will last you for life. Thirdly, the anti-bac kit also includes an EcoDrop. This EcoDrop was innovated from green technology and is also plant based and non-toxic. It is vegan, has never been tested on animals and is 100% biodegradable. They are made from a water soluble and biodegradable film (PVOH) and they dissolve in water without generating any microplastics. The lack of microplastics is extremely positive because it means that ocean life will not accidentally consume plastic particles and be adversely affected. This also means that the oceans will be cleaner. The ingredients most notably include less than 30% *Non-ionic Surfactants* which come from renewable feedstocks that are most generally used in food and cosmetic applications for their emulsifying properties. *Phenoxyethanol*, which the EU classes as a skin irritant and the Danish EPA has suspected to be detrimental to the environment. However, this is only at high concentrations, and not at the amount contained in the EcoDrop.* ** *I will take this into account in the overall rating and I suggest that perhaps another chemical could be chosen instead.* ** Benzalkonium Chloride (*Per 100g of product contains 2g) which is biodegradable. However, in high concentrations this chemical can be toxic to aquatic environments and organisms. There has also been significant evidence to suggest that the environmental impact is only considerably negative if disposed of incorrectly. Just using the eco-drop for cleaning (in its diluted form) would not be considered as inappropriate. For me to feel comfortable giving 3 earths to this section Ocean Saver would need to also be carbon neutral and would also need non-toxic chemicals at any level.

how it's made:


The production of the PVOH used for the EcoDrops is nontoxic, biocompatible, biodegradable, and widely available. Overall, it is a sustainable material. In contrast, there is no information on the specific procedure on how the bottle for life is made. We know that the bottle is 100% recyclable and that it is reusable, but until there is more transparency concerning the production process and where the product is made I cannot rate this 3. Part of the process in which this product is made falls into the customers hands. By not providing the water, as has been explained above, Ocean Saver is significantly increasing its sustainability. There is little information on how the EcoDrop formula itself is made and I therefore cannot give a full 3 earths until the information is made available. It is important however, to mention that just because the information is not available it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily negative.

who makes it:


There is no information about who makes these products. However, the founder John Buitekant is memorable. Buitekant wanted to create waves with the idea of making consumers think twice about buying every day products made from single use plastics and be able to change people behaviour little by little. OceanSaver is a young company and needs to develop further across different aspects, particularly in production transparency. However, this is a company I really admire, they’re committed to sustainability and are innovative in their products and branding. Furthermore, it is important to mention that you as the consumer makes this product. Once the product has been purchased, Ocean Saver passes the baton to you. You are responsible for putting the product together and proving the water needed in the diluting process. You are also responsible for furthering the benefit of this product, by continuing to purchase EcoDrops rather than buying more single-use plastic bottles and unsustainable alternatives.