Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

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Chloe Cho
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I think Aveeno is one of the better skin health brands to choose if a consumer is interested in safe ingredients. Their body lotion is also at very affordable price so it is accessible for everyone and it is easy to recycle the bottle. While the bottle’s pump is not recyclable, it does a good job to make most of the product recyclable and affordable for consumers. Pro: Offers an affordable body lotion option for consumers that’s good for skin health as well as easy to recycle and dispose of at home. There is also a lot of information about their sustainability and ESG initiatives from their parent company, Johnson & Johnson which is easily accessible. Con: Unfortunately there is not much on their manufacturing process and it would be great if the pump were also recyclable. They also do their best not to test on animals but they do still test in locations where it is required by law.

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The Aveeno Moisturizing Body Lotion does not have that many ingredients which is nice to see considering its product only focuses on the necessary ingredients to relieve dry skin. The main ingredient of the lotion is avena sativa (oat) kernel flour which is thought to help restore a skin’s normal pH level. While most of the ingredients appear to be safe, some seem to be classified as a toxic chemical in other countries like Canada, such as distearyldimonium chloride, petrolatum, and sodium chloride. The packaging is minimal, as the bottle itself can be recycled after the bottle is rinsed after use. However, the lotion’s pump must be disposed since the material is not made of a recyclable plastic. If the pump was also recyclable, it would earn more stars for being an affordable and recyclable product. However, it does seems like it is one of the best choices for a safe, clean drugstore branded body lotion that is one of the most affordable on the market and contains many safe ingredients.

how it's made:


It is not entirely clear what their manufacturing process is for producing their lotions as it not disclosed on their website or from their parent company Johnson & Johnson. However, they do mention they are partnered with Mayo Clinic in order to research and thoroughly test products for skin safety and find inspiration for innovating products that promote skin health. They also mention they are very strict with their ingredient selection and utilize a 5-step safety assurance process, but it is not disclosed what exactly the process is. The products are usually not tested on animals, but Aveeno discloses on their website that they do test on animals in the rare instances where it is required by law. Unfortunately, while they are innovators in promoting and designing healthy skin products, it loses stars with its lack of transparency as well as the case where they have to test their products on animals.

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Aveeno is part of the product portfolio of their parent company, Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson is currently one of the leading healthcare companies that holds various products that are designed to be healthy and accessible to consumers. They also provide accessible information about their efforts to give back to the community through various social programs and offer substantial information about their ESG initiatives and progress reports. While there is not much on Aveeno’s website other than information about their ingredients, research, and process, Johnson & Johnson offers various reports and information about their ESG impact.