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Cooper Limon
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The Boxed Water Company has innovated a flashy, unique, and amazingly sustainable product that teens and young adults have started to love more and more. Their mission is authentic and transparent and their water bottles and water are healthy, clean, and an excellent alternative to the rarely recycled, unresponsibly sourced, and environmentally-toxic plastic water bottles.

what it's made of:


The Boxed Water containers are made from 92% plant materials with a specific breakdown of 66% FSC certified paper, 26% plant based plastic, and the measly remaining 8% of nonrenewable material is a BPA-free plastic film, and some aluminum for a “flavor barrier.” The FSC certification is given out by the Forest Stewardship Council that guarantees the wood is responsibly sourced and the workers involved in the process are treated with utmost fairness. Boxed Water can be refilled by using the screwable top and the whole bottle is 100% recyclable once it is needed to be thrown away. Some metrics on the Boxed Water website showed that their container has lower effects on ozone depletion, global warming, and ocean acidification in comparison to aluminum and plastic bottles. The water itself is a basic 100% purified fresh water sourced from either Lake Michigan or the “Mountain Streams that run through the Wasatch National Forest.” The Boxed Water Company has done its absolute best to assure its products are sourced and made with the highest sustainability standards in mind, while also taking responsibility for the full life-cycle of their products by replenishing the forests they use and making the product completely recyclable.

how it's made:


Boxed Water is completely transparent about their production process and they offered a life-cycle flow map that details each step in the completion of the finished product. Their two main distribution sites are in Utah and Michigan, covering the West and East coast respectively, and strategically placed to reduce the long-distance supply chains that many companies carry. A few reviews on Glassdoor, a job-hiring site, provided glowing reviews of the Boxed Water work environment and on the main website several pictures were posted within the bottling facility and of the employees engaging in community service. The company has done the best they can to make a fully sustainable product and manufacture it in the locations that assure their lowest carbon footprint, however their manufacturing environment and nitty gritty labor information was not stated on their site.

who makes it:


The Boxed Water company was founded in 2009 by Benjamin Gott who had a simple, yet effective strategy to reduce single-use plastic water bottles. The boxed water company claims that they are “part sustainable water company” and “part philanthropic project.” They do hold true to this statement by pledging 1% of their total sales to environmentally-minded organizations, partnering with the National Forest Foundation to plant a million trees in five years, engaging in the clean up of 3000 miles of beaches as 70% of beach trash consists of plastics, and much more. Boxed water offers young influencers opportunities to act as brand ambassadors for the company and the brand was even featured as the official water sponsor for the 2013 Lalapalooza, a major music festival. Their website features sustainability challenges, suggestions and tips on how to live more sustainably, and sustainability conferences, etc. Boxed water is hip, trendy, and serious when it comes to sustainability!