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Overall, Capri Sun has nice sustainability values. However, the company can still do so much more to reduce their carbon footprint. Capri Sun has a large impact on the world since it is sold in so many different countries. Most Capri Sun juice pouches will end up in the landfill since the way of recycling these pouches is not widely known.

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Capri-Sun uses all natural ingredients, meaning there are no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors. The ingredients in a Capri-Sun Fruit Punch include filtered water, sugar. pear and grape juice concentrates, citric acid, orange, and apple and pineapple juice concentrates. However, information cannot be found on the sources of these ingredients. Since there are no added preservatives in the drink, this makes the juice susceptible to bacteria growth, which results in molding and fungal growth. The EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) top findings of the product is that it is not certified organic and has been classified as having moderate processing concerns. As for packaging, Capri Sun pouches are made of aluminum and plastic that are bonded together. This makes it hard for the pouches to be recycled since aluminum is recyclable and plastic is not. Capri Sun pouches are essentially designed for one time use and trashed afterwards. According to the NRDC (National Resource Defense Council), out of all Capri Sun pouches produced, “only 2% are estimated to be collected nationwide for recycling.” In 2012 Kraft Heinz, the parent company of Capri Sun, released a statement promising to reduce waste and conserve natural natural resources in regards to packaging. Essentially, Capri Sun pouches are not very recyclable. In addition, there is no transparent information on the material of the cardboard boxes that hold the juice pouches. Capri Sun claims that the cardboard boxes are recyclable. However, any cardboard coated with wax or plastic cannot be recycled. These possibilities cannot be ruled out because there is print on Capri Sun’s packaging boxes. Finally, Capri Sun now sells now comes in variety packs held together plastic. This adds onto the amount of waste one pack of Capri Sun juices produce.

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After extensive research, there is not much information to how Capri Suns are manufactured. Capri Suns are sold in over 119 countries. It was difficult to find information on manufacturing plants under Kraft Heinz and Capri Sun, much less finding the source of all ingredients part of a Capri Sun juice pouch.

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From the sustainability section of Capri Sun’s website: “While our carton is widely recycled as a whole, the layers of our pouch need to be separated for recycling. It’s our top priority to further improve the environmental credentials of our packaging to make it easier to recycle all over the world. We are committed to finding a solution for a recycle-ready pouch and we are planning to implement a biodegradable straw.“ While Capri Sun states that their top priority is to make their packaging easier to recycle, little improvements have been made. Kraft Heinz, as the company that owns Capri Sun, is committed to sustainable practices such as reducing carbon emissions and seeking responsibly sourced palm oil.