Curology Customized 3-Step Set

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Devin Carver
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Curology’s branding and marketing campaigns clearly champion transparency and educating the consumer not only about best skincare practices, but also about being a conscious consumer. I think this concept is beautifully encapsulated in their mission statement of: “Share the Knowledge.” Their language is not only accessible but has personality behind it, which gives you the assurance that the company is centered around informing the consumer.

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Curology’s 3-Step Set is a skincare product that includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and a custom formula which is specific to each consumer. The moisturizer is a six ingredient cream that contains natural ingredients such as aloe and shea butter. The cleanser contains ingredients that are all oil-free and gluten-free. While the custom formula is specific to each customer and therefore makes it harder to pinpoint a generalized environmental impact, some of the ingredients used in the formula include clindamycin and zinc pyrithione, both of which fight bacteria and fungus. While both products serve the purpose of healing skin blemishes, the impacts on the physical environment are not as widely understood as they are for your skin. Clindamycin is an antibiotic, and therefore is a medication that may produce harmful effects such as antibiotic resistance with over-use. The scientific impacts of long term antibiotic exposure on both the human body and environment are still being studied, meaning that the full implications are unknown. It is thus hard to discern the true environmental impact of the custom formula in Curology’s 3-Step Set since 1. each formula is specific to the consumer and 2. a large number of the formulas contain antibiotics which may negatively impact the environment. The main takeaway however from the composition of the products is the fact that there are no parabens or dyes, which bodes well for the environment since parabens have been found in marine life and are linked to the cosmetic products consumers use.

how it's made:


Each product that is manufactured and sold by Curology comes with the knowledge that you are receiving a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly product. This means that in the production stage, Curology does not test on animals and instead utilizes scientific innovation to test on lab grown samples. The three products come packaged in plastic (ASB plastic and polypropolyene), that with the help of the consumer to follow through on proper recycling tactics, can be recycled—even the bottle that includes the prescription formula. The set arrives to your home in a small cardboard box that uses space in an effective way to reduce excess waste. However, each package which arrives bi-monthly includes the same three fliers each time, which is excessive after several months of receiving the product and can be chalked up to a waste of paper.

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Curology’s guiding mission is to create a personalized skincare regimen for each consumer by utilizing information from both the consumer and a certified dermatologist. The brand was started in 2014 by Dr. David Lortscher who noticed an accessibility gap in the dermatology field. Their website includes a vast array of blog posts that give specific insights into their ethical and environmentally-driven practices, such as a commitment to never test on animals and how to recycle their products once empty, to name a couple. In addition to promising completely vegan and cruelty-free products, Curology also markets the fact that their products are paraben-free and dye-free, which emphasize the environmental consciousness of the company as well.