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Ruixu Huang
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As a software, Doordash still has a lot to improve. This software basically has a common problem with all delivery service software: poor communication efficiency. As a company, Doordash paid a lot of attention to sustainability and actually paid a lot of money and energy. It has brought positive help to society as much as it can, which is very convincing throughout its website. I hope Doordash can penetrate this idea more into this software, improve its efficiency, and develop more new features to help its users and partners also pay attention to sustainability.

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Doordash is a software that focuses on no-contact delivery. It currently ranks first in the Food & Drink category of the Apple Store, with a comprehensive score of 4.8. When guests want to eat and cannot go out for personal reasons, Doordash can allow them to order food online, and dashers will help deliver it to a specific address. This software has several eye-catching features. First, the concept of order minimum does not exist. Customers can order as much as they want, without having to make up the lowest price. In this way, even a person with a small appetite can order food with peace of mind, without worrying about wasting food. Second, today when COVID-19 is still a problem, the concept of non-contact meal delivery is very popular. This kind of service is a win-win situation: it can reduce the infection rate of guests, and at the same time allow restaurants that have lost dine-in opportunities to survive by taking out. Doordash is very popular in North America and Australia, and the number of orders almost doubled during the epidemic.
Nevertheless, this software has received rave reviews on the Internet. In the Apple Store, more than half of the high-scoring reviews are all criticisms. The main complaints revolve around several points: 1) Very poor customer service. Once the order goes wrong or there is any incident that needs to be reconciled, Doordash is not capable to do the job of a good intermediary, causing consequences, including cold food, food sent to the wrong address, and orders that cannot be canceled. These not only make guests unhappy but also increase the possibility of wasting food. Especially during the epidemic, the number of dashers is far from keeping up with the number of orders, resulting in many poor services, such as that food has become inedibly cold or disgusting when arrived. The surge in orders has increased the possibility of multiple people placing orders with the same name. Dashers have no time to confirm and customer service is ineffective. The combination of these problems has caused the overall service of this software to be very unsatisfactory. 2) There is a problem with the software's algorithm for arranging the dashers. Many customers complained about delivery-related problems, such as long detours, failure to deliver on time, and so on. However, dashers are only dispatched. If the software algorithm is not efficient enough, it will indeed increase the burden on dashers. (Side notes: Many people recommend Uber Eats in Doordash reviews, while many people recommend Doordash in Uber Eats reviews. Very Interesting.)
To summarize, although it is a well-loved software, I think it has a lot of room for improvement.

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Although Doordash cares about sustainability very much, this is not well reflected in this software. It has advantages: Doordash encourages and supports users to use less disposable tableware by introducing the opt-in feature. But beyond that, Doordash doesn't have many actual actions to support sustainability. Doordash claims that they do their best to promote eco-friendly packaging for restaurants and use less plastic and other utensils. Despite this, I haven't seen much evidence that this has actually happened. Moreover, Doordash, as a food delivery-related software, has hardly any statement on carbon emissions, and hardly pays attention to topics related to the carbon footprint. Data in this area is also missing. Although it has done a good job, I think Doordash can pay more attention to these aspects.

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Doordash has a dedicated web page to record social impact-related matters. It is mainly divided into five parts, namely Dashers, Community, Customer, Research and Restaurant. In the Research category, there are the Economic Reports of Doordash over the years and related data, such as how Doordash has helped the industry (economically and socially), and Doordash's impact on the world (indicating details such as which restaurants and social groups specifically helped). In the Restaurant category, Doordash emphasized how they help local restaurants. Many restaurants, as Doordash's most important partners, were fatally hit by the epidemic. Doordash used data to prove that their software really helped the recovery of the entire industry chain: almost two-thirds of their patterns have claimed that Doordash contributed greatly in terms of increasing their profits during the pandemic. In the category of Dashers, Doordash mainly presents various data of their food delivery staff (such as gender, veteran-related, disability, etc.). Due to the particularity of this job, many restricted groups of people can make money through Doordash (such as teenage parents, disabled, etc.). And Doordash provides a platform and channel for them to communicate and celebrate diversity. In the Customer category, Doordash mainly describes how this software improves customers' access to food. Because of the epidemic, many people cannot go out, and Doordash has become one of their channels to support local restaurants and allows people who are isolated at home to eat the food they want. The last category is Community. Doordash mainly introduced their 2018 launch project: Project Dash. This was mainly used to support nonprofits in the past, and during the epidemic, it helps the vulnerable community to ensure that they have sufficient food and resources to survive this difficult time.
I can feel Doordash manages and designs this website very carefully by releasing a lot of data and details. The only shortcoming is that I want to see more planning, such as prospects and plans for the future. I think in general, Doordash has a great job.