Earth's Own Oat Milk

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Shwetha Kengasur Venkatesh
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The oat milk from Earth’s own is one of the best replacements for dairy milk and renders excellent taste to the coffee. This is a great alternative for people who want to remove dairy and shift to a plant based diet. The values of the brand stand true to their practices which helps the company get closer to their sustainable goals. However, I am also keen to learn more about the waste management techniques used by the company and the future sustainability goals. This will get the company a higher rating. Overall, this is a sustainably conscious company which is on the right path and this is a good product.

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The oat milk is mainly made of seven ingredients with Oat base being the main ingredient. The ingredients also include several vitamins and minerals. This brand of oat milk was voted as one of the best tasting in Canada and is gluten free. The oat milk is free from any preservatives and artificial ingredients. It is free from glyphosate which is an herbicide and a probable carcinogen. The oats for the milk are harvested in Canada. The cartons used are plant-based cartons which are completely renewable and recyclable. They are sourced from sustainable forests. The plastic cap used is recyclable plastic. This is an impressive step by the company which helps in avoiding waste to the landfill. However, I think the next best step for the company is to use recycled packaging to reduce the use of forests. There is no information on how the cartons are being recycled. Since there is no more information on the sources of the other ingredients, more information is needed for higher rating.

how it's made:


The oat milk uses seven times less water than almond and cow’s milk. This is supported by the Oxford study which was done in 2018. The information can be found on the website of Earth’s own. It is impressive that the claims by the company are supported by scientific study. The Earth’s own oat milk also produces three times less greenhouse gas emissions than dairy milk. I would be interested to know more about the future sustainable goals of the company. More information is needed for a higher rating.

who makes it:


Earth’s own is a Canadian brand and the products are manufactured in Annacis Island, in Delta, BC, Mississauga, ON and Quebec City, QC. The company is a part of several initiatives like the Plant-Based change, which believes that a plant based diet is beneficial for the environment and the health. The Green Thumb initiative by the company supports the development of community gardens in the Toronto area. This initiative is for the lower income families to access fresh produce. The company is a part of several initiatives in the community which is impressive. However, I would be interested to know more about their company policies toward their employees.


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