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Cooper Limon
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This small, passionate business out of North Carolina was built by runners and has grown from nothing to a nationally recognizable brand to most runners in a matter of 12 years. Although they do not mention sustainability, their pride for being American, love for their employee community, and support for outdoor activities makes them a wholesome company that has room to work on their environmental friendliness.

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Fitsok is a well-known and increasingly popular sock brand in the running and hiking world. The sock is engineered with many different materials to make it the most comfortable and fitting for the active lifestyle. - Mircoban (antimicrobial product): Used to fight sock odor is a highly used product that has been passed by the EPA and is registered with the Biocidal Products registration in Europe. However some sites have spoken out about the product, exposing the possibilities of it having negative effects on the human an animal endocrine systems. Doctors from Johns Hopkins also found trace chemicals that have been connected to allergy sensitization in the chemical makeup. - Shadow Yarn (from sheep): Has been cited as “essentially renewable and biodegradable.” However sheep themselves require large amounts of land and water for upkeep and the pesticides needed to keep the material clean of bugs is highly toxic to the environment. The material is natural, yet has the downsides of any using any animal for the production of goods.

how it's made:


Fitsok socks are made at their company headquarters in North Carolina, where each pair of socks is “touched by 18 sets of hands as they are knitted, washed, dried, ironed, and packaged.” Fitsock included photos of their factory workspace to really make a personal connection with their customers and give the small business feel to their work. Although they were transparent about their factory processes, any worker payment/ labor practices could not be found, but because they are such a small tight-knit business I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they are following fair labor laws.

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Fitsock is strictly a sock company based out of North Carolina. They pride themselves on being an American company that produces high quality goods for the running community that they have strong allegiance and relatability to. Their “made by runners and tested by runners” attitude aligns closely with the running mindset and the distance running community in our country. They also have a lifetime guarantee on their socks, so any holes that develop or mistakes found can be fixed through an immediate replacement of a new pair. I awarded them 1.5 planets for their ties to local business and US manufacturing instead of foreign and because of their lifetime warranty deal. Many sock companies outsource the production of their goods from other nations where labor is less expensive, but this is not the case for the American-made fitsock.