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Lisa Saruwatari
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Glossier is not one of the best companies I have come across regarding sustainability, but they are definitely keeping sustainability as one of their priorities. I can see that the company cares for more than just their products. One aspect that stood out to me is that they are listening to their customers’ concerns and complaints about their products. The reason they started the option to opt out of the pink pouches was because customers began to request it due to the fact that they did not have a use for them. Same goes for the Glitter Gelée as the customers voiced concerns on the impact of the glitter on the environment. I think that this displays that Glossier is continuously trying to better their company which is important to me. However, they are definitely not close to how sustainable they could be causing me to give a lower rating. Another aspect I wanted to discuss was that this product is $12 for 0.5 fl oz which seems to be quite expensive to me. I know sustainability can cost more, but their individual product is not exceptionally sustainable so I am not sure if the cost reflects the quality of the product, but more the aesthetic of it. I also question how ethical the manufacturing process of their products and packaging are as it was not mentioned.

sustainability initiatives, listen to customer complaints, gender and racial equity

no information on manufacturing, seem to focus on aesthetic rather than sustainability

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Their ingredient list contains tocopheryl acetate which can be harmful to both humans and the environment as it can be a human skin toxicant is suspected as an environmental toxin that can bioaccumulate. However, the concern is relatively low with that ingredient along with the rest of their ingredient list as I looked up each ingredient on .  Some ingredients have some health concerns, but not at the low levels that are in this product.

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Glossier does not disclose a lot of information on how their products are made. Being a company that is mainly online, they have focused on their shipping materials where they changed their shipping boxes to be 100% recycled material. They also removed any unnecessary liners along with providing pink pouch recycling at their in store locations. Their pink pouches are what they always package their products in when shipped or purchased in store. They offer an option to opt out of the pouches and any other unnecessary packaging. To me, if it can be made an option to opt out of this excess packaging, I feel as if they shouldn’t provide it to begin with. However, Glossier is known for these pink pouches so I see how they would want to keep them for marketing purposes. I do like seeing the efforts being made, but I wish they focused on their individual product packaging just as much.

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Emily Weiss is the founder and CEO of Glossier. She has a page written on their commitment to sustainability and the different efforts they have made. For example, they had a product called the Glitter Gelée which customers were concerned about since the glitter accumulates in water ways and in the ocean. After failing to formulate this product with bio-glitter, they have discontinued it as a whole. She has also written a page regarding creating a better work environment where she included the original email she has sent to her team which touches on direct actions to ensure more equity. Looking through their other blog posts on their company blog, it is clear that this company does strive to be sustainable and ethical along with being transparent. Even though they may not have all of the right actions yet, I was happily surprised at some of these statements they have.