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Cooper Limon
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Goodr is young company looking to side with the pleas of runners and other outdoor activists for cheap products that are also sustainable and well-made. This is a tough demand to meet, but Goodr does it effectively with their own unique flair. The firm was not fully transparent about the life-cycle of the materials they use and the manufacturing side of their production, but nevertheless they have gone as far to become certified carbon neutral and have been awarded multiple certifications for their amazing work environment. Goodr promotes outdoor activity and the conservation of the environment their customers love, which makes them a solid company almost deserving of a three planet, but leaving them with some room to work.

what it's made of:


Lens material: Triacetate Cellulose (TAC )
Frame material: Copolyester

Goodr sunglasses are lightweight, form-fitting and meant to be used for running, cycling, weight-lifting (AKA “beasting” to the Goodr company), and other outdoor activities. Goodr promotes their cheap, stylish, and basic design to be perfect for the athlete who needs a reliable pair of sunglasses for a myriad of uses. The TAC lenses are comprised of seven different layers each meant to do their part in limiting the amount of UV light and visible light that leaks through them. TAC lenses are highly effective, blocking out 99% of UV rays and blocking out UV rays up to 400nm in length and are used by the majority of sunglass brands. The frame is made of copolyester plastic material that is BPA-free and tests have shown that it is an extremely durable material. No site information on the sourcing of materials, but they are fairly simple compared to most products in the sunglass industry. Goodr could offer sunglasses made from more sustainable materials like bamboo and recycled materials to boost their “How it’s made score.”

how it's made:


The manufacturing site and production processes are not published on the Goodr main website and I could not locate any outside information detailing the labor practices or anything else having to do with the question of how their sunglasses are made. In the carbon neutral synopsis they shared that their supply-chain and manufacturing carbon costs were all offset so this side of their business is sustainable, but the labor side is unknown. However, the company was noted as one of the best businesses to work for, so I am sure they take labor rights on the sales and manufacturing side of their product very seriously.

who makes it:


Goodr is a groovy, edgy, and borderline crass company that was certified as one of the best Inc workplaces and by “Great Places to Work” for the 2019 year. The company based out of Marina del mar CA is similar to other modern running/ outdoor companies that uphold the hippy, environmentally-conscious mindset with strong ties to the industry they belong too and the community they supply goods too. Many runners are concerned with the quality and conservation of the outdoors, but are not necessarily always willing to pay an extra price premium for sustainable products and that is why companies like Goodr have become so successful, because of their ability to cover both.  

Goodr is certified 100% Carbon Neutral meaning that they have a nonexistent carbon footprint and are net zero carbon. The company purchases carbon credits that go towards projects that work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, like the Bonneville Environmental Foundation that sequesters methane from agricultural sites. Their website made the process very transparent, clearly stating that one carbon credit covers a metric ton of carbon (C02e) and that’s how they judge how many credits to buy. Goodr cares about the environment and works to maintain a close relationship with their well-earned customers.