Health Ade Kombucha in Pink Lady Apple

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Lisa Saruwatari
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Health Ade is a company that definitely cares about their impact on the environment and provide a lot of information on kombucha itself, but also how they create theirs. I personally found the information on how their kombucha is considered organic and raw to be particularly interesting. The only issue I had was that there was not much transparency on the ethics of the brand when it comes to their employee treatment. Pros: sustainable production, organic, strong values Cons: lack of transparency

what it's made of:


This kombucha is organic and raw meaning at least 95% of the ingredients are organic and that the kombucha is not pasteurized. Kombucha that is not raw is normally pasteurized to remove the harmful bacteria which also removes the healthy bacteria so they will sometimes add probiotics back in afterward which is not the same as natural bacteria produced during fermentation. There is rigorous testing that this raw kombucha goes through to ensure that it is safe and healthy to drink. They use glass bottles to prevent plastic and metal leaching. Ingredients: filtered water, kombucha culture (yeast and bacteria cultures), organic black tea, organic green tea, organic evaporated cane juice (sugar), fresh cold-pressed organic apple juice

how it's made:


Health Ade follows the ancient recipe of one cup of sugar per one gallon of tea and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (S.C.O.B.Y.). The fermentation process takes up to four weeks, but they do their brews in small batches of 2.5 gallon glass jars giving them more control over the brew. They state that this way it is similar to how you would brew kombucha at home, but is on a larger scale.

who makes it:


The company started with a husband, wife, and best friend determined to make real food and bring that to the commercial shelf. In their LA office, they are determined to reduce their footprint leading them to take actions such as swapping out water bottles for a filtered water system and reducing their paper usage by 50%! The company is also committed to less waste causing them to compost all of the steeped tea bags, juice pulp, and SCOBY’s along with upcycling their Health Ade bottles.