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Iman Ismail
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As a consumer of this product, I consider this very high quality honey and am heavily incentivized to continue purchasing it because of the financial support provided by Honey Care Africa to small-scale beekeeping farmers. In pictorial article published by Al Jazeera, which equated honey to “dripping gold” throughout Easy Africa, pure honey is considered a highly valuable product to the point where, in some rural villages, it is substituted for monetary currency (and sometimes is used for a bride’s dowry - but that’s irrelevant). The importance of Honey Care Africa’s work in providing equipment, resources, and a direct market for small business owners is a sustainable venture which properly takes advantage of local human and material resources.

There could be a greater consideration towards sustainable packaging, especially considering the lack of information provided about the type of plastic that is used, even on the package itself. There is a lack of transparency over the production and packaging process which may bother a consumer who is concerned with the human cost of production.

what it's made of:


The product is a 100% pure blend of honey from Kenya’s tropical regions. The label states this product “specially contains all honeys sources from the region in honour of the many small holder beekeepers.” The product costs 680 Kenyan Shillings, which is about $7.

Very little information was found online regarding the plastic jar, so it wasn’t possible to discern the kind of plastic the product was made from. However, the convenient size and shape of the product does encourage consumers to reuse it for storage.

how it's made:


Considering each product marketed on the Honey Care Africa website is outsourced by different local producers, there is little information provided on how each product is made.  However, the Honey Care website blog has numerous articles that provide guidance on establishing apiaries, the benefits of bee hive technology, beehive inspection tips, and the like.

who makes it:


Honey Care Africa, an NGO turned FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), established with the dual goal of “connecting environment conservation and supporting rural farmers involved in beekeeping.” The company offers beekeeping equipment and hives to small-business beekeeping farmers on loan, then purchases their honey at fair trade prices, thereby providing an immediate, accessible market to these business owners.

Moreover, the company website also states its promotion of women enterprise, supporting small-scale businesses founded and run by women in their efforts towards gender equity. The website quotes that they give “priority to women in its company operations,” employing women as 70% of their employees.
They allow existing and emerging beekeeping farmers to join their collective by signing up on their website at this link: Honey Care Africa: Supply Honey Directly.