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Aalekhya Vasantavada
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Clean beauty is hands down one of the most important factor most consumers value while making beauty product purchases today! Glowbiotics claims to be one of the first few probiotic beauty companies in the market.
One thing I  appreciate about the company is how they’re transparent when it comes to the materials they use for their packaging (Mostly plastics) and the fact that they’re clear about not being able to use recyclable plastics or paper due to the additional costs that come with it which is understandable since it’s a small company. Although I personally wouldn’t prefer buying these products just because there is just a LOT of plastic being used, props to them for not trying to green wash customers.
They also want to invest in recyclable packaging once they expand and reformulate certain ingredients once they grow as a company. I honestly feel like developing your brand sustainably and expanding it can go hand in hand and in fact should otherwise achieving sustainability at a later point might be very difficult.

On a whole their products are not even close to being sustainable, but it’s the thought that counts. Due to the ongoing pandemic, they have moved all their work online and they want to continue practicing this even after things get back to normal. They mention this would reduce the carbon footprint of their workers who travel long distances to get to work, and genuinely doing whatever it takes to be more eco conscious even without having enough monetary support speaks volumes about the thought they’re trying to put in towards changing. It would give a better idea if they talk in detail about their net carbon footprint and water consumption since all of this has to be accounted when marketing yourself as a sustainable brand. If they want to move forward and be more sustainable there’s no better time to do it than the present, since a lot of people value sustainable products and this might help them grow as a brand.

what it's made of:


Most of their packaging is made out of non recyclable plastic, and to be honest the number of times plastic appeared in their brand application was very off putting I’m fully aware it’s an emerging  company and they are still trying to expand, but listing some initiatives they’re planning to take to change this would have been more convincing.
They have a whole list of ingredients, their products are safe, cruelty free and also paraben and SLS free which is great! Their bottles have metal caps which is a plus and their products are packed in cardboard boxes which can possibly be recycled.
They are also actively working on reformulating their products based on natural ingredients like corn and even fragrances are made mainly from natural resources. This is a good start to becoming a sustainable brand, but I also feel like it would have helped to know a little bit more about their manufacturing and formulation processes.

how it's made:


Their packaging material is manufactured in China and the product formulae are made in the US. This is a little counterproductive since the whole point of sustainability is to reduce/cut down on carbon emissions. It might be useful to know how often they get their materials shipped and the kind of trade off’s they are making with respect to that. There’s also not much known about the working conditions in the Chinese factories and it would be nice to see the initiates they are taking as a company to ensure labor equity, and good working conditions.
They try and use similar packaging to be more efficient with using lesser resources (energy, water). They mentioned using very minimal packaging and focusing on re purposing (cradle to cradle life-cycle) already existing materials to avoid excess manufacturing and wastage of resources.
It’s nice to see that they’ve scrapped off a lot of paper based marketing and cut down on their sales incentives like giving out bags, hats, clothes etc.

who makes it:


The company was founded on a very genuine mission to help those with special skin concerns and formulate and personalize products for them . They donate 1% of all website sales to the non-profit Bring Change to Mind which helps fight the stigma against mental health, this is something that really struck a chord with me because they’re associated with a cause and it’s nice to see they actually care about these things.