Method Free + Clear Gel Hand Soap

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Emily Dobson
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One thing that stood out to me whilst reviewing Method was their transparency. they want people to be aware of the efforts to be more sustainable and what ingredients they are putting into their products and what specific purpose those ingredients have in products. I have honestly not seen a company be as transparent as Method throughout the reviews I have written so far. Seeing the transparency that Method has and able to be as successful as they are, makes me hopeful that other companies will follow in their footsteps and can see that you can be successful whilst still be transparent about your ingredients and your sustainability efforts. The only aspect that drastically brings my overall rating of the product down is the environmental and health concern of some of the ingredients used.

what it's made of:


Method’s Free + Clear hand soap is only made of 13 ingredients and is free from dyes and perfumes. After doing some digging into the ingredients that its made up of 9 of the 13 ingredients are of environmental or health concern. The major ingredient of concern is aloe barbadensis extract as this is a carcinogen, however, in regards to cosmetics, it is safe as it is used in such small amounts. Another of the ingredients of concern is sodium lauryl sulfate, as according to EWG it is not only an environmental toxin but also suspected to be harmful or toxic to organ systems, however, since this product is not ingested into the body the concern regarding organ systems can be disregarded. Another ingredient of concern is tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E oil) as if it accumulates in the environment, it can be an environmental toxin. The fact that this product is marketed as ‘free + clear’ and has so many harmful ingredients in it is of concern and the only thing, in my opinion, making the product ‘free + clear’ is the fact that it has no dyes or fragrances.

how it's made:


Whilst Method doesn’t explicitly state the production method of their Free + Clear hand soap, they are very open about the factory and their green efforts. Half of the factory’s energy comes from a wind turbine that is on site and they have special solar panels called ‘solar trees’ which are in their parking lot which move with the direction of the sun to maximize energy generation. All of Method’s hand soap packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic and this recycled plastic is Type 1 or Type 2, the two most widely recycled plastics out there.

who makes it:


Method has been around since 2002 but has really risen to prominence over the past 10 or so years I would say. Method as a company is very transparent about the ingredients used, the packaging, where their energy comes from and much more. On each product, they have an ingredient list and next to each ingredient, they explain what purpose it has in the product. They created a plan called ‘Benefit Blueprint’ which is the outline of their plan to restore natural resources and ensure they are doing their best to be as sustainable as possible. They have four clearly outlined sectors (Compass Score, Carbon Footprint, Water Usage and Waste Footprint) in this blueprint to list what their goals are and as a way of keeping track of their progress as a company.