MITA: Matte Red Front with Matte Demi temples-Bio-Blue Block Lenses (MIO1001 style)

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Tchiba Jennifer Soura
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Having developed a strong myopia at a very young age, I now realise that eyeglasses have always been part of my life. All the beautiful, sad, ordinary and strong moments of my life have been experienced through the lenses of my glasses. They are the only accessories that I could never and still can never live without. More than a simple accessory, they are a part of me. Being inspired by the fight for a better world and trying to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, I couldn’t help but try to find a sustainable option for my everyday essential; my glasses. It was during this research that I came across MITA EYEWEAR. The company offers a beautiful collection of optical glasses which are totally in line with my taste. In this collection, the Matte Red Front with Demi temples bio blue block lenses is my favorite. The glasses boast a sophisticated cat eye shape enhanced with the MITA signature detail and an elegant and beaming matte red. In addition to their beautiful design, I found out that the glasses are sustainable, from the sourcing of their materials to their manufacturing. What an absolute delight it was to find a product that perfectly aligns fashion and sustainability! The more I was finding out about the company’s practices, mission, projects and products, the more impressed I was. I can’t wait to see MITA’s future projects and collections. I am sure that they have a lot in store for their consumers as well as for the environment.

what it's made of:


This pair of MITA’s eyeglasses, with a wide elongated cat-shape inspired by the ‘50s, presents the blue block lenses in the matte red version with havana temples. The glasses are designed with recycled and recyclable materials. They are made from FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) approved recycled plastic water bottles called RPET, and from recycled aluminum. Recycled Aluminum is the most environmentally friendly metal on earth. It can be recycled without degradation. At the end of its lifespan, most aluminum is recycled. The lenses are made with the bio blue block option. They are treated with a special technology that protects the eyes from harmful rays coming from electronic devices, such as the computers and smartphones to which we are subjected every day. When placed in dirt, the bio blue block lenses start to biodegrade in 10+days and will take around five years to fully biodegrade. It will eventually be broken down into carbon, H2O and organic matter. MITA’s eyeglasses are then eco-friendly, designed thinking about the consumers’ well being, and designed to be durable with biodegradable lenses. 

Once manufactured, the glasses are put in their case which is also eco-friendly and recyclable, made by upcycling 4 water bottles. They are then placed inside a biodegradable packaging and shipped to the desired destination.According to recent studies, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. In the U.S., the recycling rate for plastic is only 23%, which means that 38 billion water bottles end up in landfills, oceans, and waterways each year. Because it takes plastic 1000+ years to degrade, most of the plastic you have used in your life still exists somewhere. That is why MITA Eyewear tries to make a positive impact on the environment. In every aspect of their work, they do their best to incorporate responsible use of materials in their processes and raise awareness of the benefits of recycling and upcycling to their clients and consumers. I am simply flabbergasted at how amazing and well-thought out this product is. Well done MITA!

how it's made:


The manufacturing process of this eyewear is fully detailed on MITA’s website, from the raw materials to the finished product. In the recycling facilities, plastic bottles are sorted, washed, and chopped into flakes. The flakes are then cleaned, blended, melted, and turned into pre-recycle chips. These chips enter MITA’s facilities and are transformed into the raw material of RPET, recycled PET. PET is 100 percent recyclable and is the most recycled plastic in the United States and worldwide, says an article from IBWA (International Bottled Water Association). According to the PET Resin Association (PETRA), more than 1.5 billion pounds of used PET bottles and containers (e.g., beverage bottles and cosmetics containers) are recovered in the United States each year for recycling. You can easily identify PET because it has a number “1” in the triangular “chasing arrows” recycling logo, which is usually found on the bottom or side of the container. 

After obtaining the raw materials, the company’s professional team provides 3D drawings in competitive development lead team. They then reshape the original material and work their magic to produce sustainable and fashionable eyewear for all. The company believes in the principle that high fashion should not come at the expense of our environment. That is why, through their “Reshape” philosophy, they are passionately devoted to redefining the relationship between fashion and sustainability. MITA takes pride in being fully sustainable from the design process to the final production and packaging of their eyewear. Their core belief is that fashion should not come at the expense of the environment, and they totally understood how to make a product with this in mind. Impressive! After reviewing so many products where the manufacturing process was not revealed by the companies, it was really refreshing to have such clear and detailed information on MITA’s product.

Once the manufacturing of the product is done, it is sent to distribution to be shipped to consumers. Currently, MITA only ships to the Unites States, Latin America and Europe. However good and earth-friendly the company’s materials and practices are, it is important to note that the transportation and circulation of their products (through road, rails, boat and air) will add to growing global GHG emissions. These emissions disrupt the natural processes occuring in the atmosphere and are very likely to be the dominant cause of the global warming. Many ways to reduce these GHG emissions have been put in effect over the years, but there is no means to totally eliminate them yet. When the time comes, I believe that MITA will not hesitate to put the means to implement this solution.

who makes it:


MITA EYEWEAR is the brand of Vision of Tomorrow (VOT), the consulting and service company in the eyewear sector born from Nora Cabrera (Chief Creative Officer) and Fabio Ferracane’s (Chief Executive Officer) combined 25 years experience in the fashion and eyewear industries, with a passion for design, quality, and sustainability. The name MITA represents the spirit of the brand: MI as Miami’s first initials, home of VOT, and and ITA as Italy. This name represents a bridge between the melting pot stylish culture of the American Magic City and the concepts of Italian craftsmanship and design. The MITA movement represents a new way of approaching fashion through environmental consciousness. With their designs, the company wants to engage older and new generations in ways of helping protect the environment when buying eyewear. This is how the “million bottle challenge” was born. Through this challenge, MITA is 100% committed to doing good in the world. They are working toward reducing the carbon footprint by upcycling billions of plastic bottles into high quality lightweight and eco-friendly eyewear to prevent pollution and other harmful environmental effects. The company’s other mission is to play a significant part in solving the low recycling rates that exist in both the USA & Europe: 29% in the USA and 51% in Europe. Also, for every purchase made, MITA EYEWEAR donates 2% of each sale to its partner Ocean Blue Project in an effort to help clean up our oceans and create consciousness through sustainable fashion.

Devoted to “redefining the relationship between fashion and sustainability,” MITA upcycles ( by retrieving the water bottles from the oceans) 5 water bottles to create one pair of stylish eco-glasses, 2 bottles for 4 soft pouches or 1 eyeglasses’ case and 1 bottle for 4 cleaning cloths. To date, they’ve recycled 81,000 water bottles and their end goal is to recycle 1,000,000 water bottles. It would have been great, however, to know what year they plan this goal for and what the company plans to do after achieving it.

MITA, in addition to being a brand, is also a community. Their values and commitment to sustainability connect them with like-minded people all over the world, looking to protect Mother Earth while look stylish. It has also introduced them to a community of influential fashionistas and sustainable heroes like Kate Hudson, Elle Osborn, or Jen Andrews, who are helping MITA fight the good fight.

Honestly, I feel in love with this brand. They provide the perfect combination of fashion and sustainability. Not only are their products beautifully designed with elegant and attractive colors and frames, but also, through them, MITA brings an incredible contribution to the fight to make sustainability the norm. These matte red front eyeglasses are THE ultimate sustainable eyeglasses. The only LITTLE reproach one could make on this product, and on all of MITA’s eyeglasses, are their prices. In fact, these glasses cost between $110 and $120. Pretty affordable, you are thinking, right? Mind you that only the frame is included in the price. You will have to take your glasses to a local eye care professional to have your prescription filled. Knowing that the cost for basic, single lenses is $113 (according to statistics from VSP), the complete glasses will cost you between $223 and $233. Yes, you can get glasses for cheaper, that’s for sure. But also remember that there are a lot of them far more expensive (some from name brands cost even more $600).  For the quality, the design, and the ecological commitment that MITA EYEWEAR offers, I think that their products are totally worth it.