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Eric Bower
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In the protein powder industry there are an overwhelming amount of products which are hard to differentiate. But Perfect Supplements checks all the boxes: dedication to transparency, sustainable sourced product, aligned with the right initiatives. The question is if you as a sustainable consumer are willing to speak with your wallet.

Just like many products, you will have to pay more to make the sustainable choice, this powder will run $1.80 per 17g of protein serving. The leading whey protein competitor offers about $1 per 24g of protein serving (you can find more info in my Optimum Nutrition review!), and the leading pea protein option is $1.5 per 21g of protein serving. Slightly less protein per serving and slightly higher costs are the only drawbacks in this truly sustainable product.

what it's made of:


Perfect Supplements Plant Protein is simply a mix of equal parts pumpkin seed, hemp seed and sacha inchi. All three ingredients are USDA organic certified, and the sourcing is listed on the product page, no digging required! The organic pumpkin seeds come from Germany, the hemp seed is grown in Canada and the sacha inchi is sourced from Peru. Perfect Supplements includes sourcing information and scientifically referenced health benefits for each of the three ingredients. I was encouraged while reading how they source the sacha inni from a large network of indigenous farming families in the Amazon, widely distributing income and not over-taxing one area. I really appreciate that that this product relies on its natural flavor, the sugar and or flavors added to other protein powder options are unnecessary; it it much easier to control flavor of the recipe manually, and they have a wider range of tips and recipes on their website.

As I mentioned in my Optimum Nutrition review, a few of the top pea based protein powder alternatives were tested with significant levels of glyphosate, a pesticide which is toxic upon ingestion. However, this plant based alternative is glyphosate-free.

While at first glance this product seems to lack a punch in terms of protein per serving, I want to point out its other significant health benefits. It is a complete protein with all the essential amino acids, but each serving includes more than half of the suggested daily magnesium intake. The sachi inchi adds important plant based omega-3s and the product is truly vegan, paleo friendly and low carb (keto-friendly). This is important to consider as this is more than just a protein powder and contains overall health benefits.

how it's made:


This product is the only “Purely Pure” certified plant protein. This means every single batch is microbial tested by an independent third party and the results are publicly available. This full transparency is inspiring to see as a conscious consumer, and I think it should be the standard for all processed foods. The product also has publicly available (a tab on the product page) lab test results for heavy metals and nutrient analysis. This is an extraneous step that Perfect Supplements has take to show their devotion to transparency.

My only grip is that Perfect Supplements could take steps to make more efficient packaging for this product. The powder comes in plastic tub, only available in one size: 600 grams (1.4 pounds). This is relatively small compared to most protein powder competitors offering sizes up to 2-5 pounds. Larger containers means consumers buy less often and less packaging is wasted. Even better, they could offer reusable glass jugs, and ship out the protein in biodegradable packaging for those that consume in large quantities. I will note that Perfect Supplements has taken initiative and transitioned some of their other pill based products from plastic to glass containers.

who makes it:


Perfect Supplements has a laundry list of certifications and ratings that make them stand out from the protein powder competition, and as a business as a whole. They have had a Better Business Bureau A+ rating accredited since 2011. This rating mainly shows customer satisfaction through minimal complaints and transparent business practices. They are also a Green America certified as a woman owned business with organic and fairly traded products. There clearly is strong trust in the product with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee, something that is very rare to find in the supplement industry. Perfect Supplements is a corporate sponsor of Rainforest Trust a rainforest conservation organization. They are a sponsor at the lowest (‘patron’) level, but I believe its still significant because the donation required represents about 1-2% of their estimated revenue. They also donated a similarly significant amount to 40plastic to pull 500lbs of plastic from the ocean.

The only slight critique I have is with their sustainability report from 2020. Their goals and alignment were great, focusing and packaging, energy efficiency and renewable energy. They have made real progress in these categories, proving they don’t just talk the talk but can walk the walk. However the report is titled, “Sustainability goals met in 2020.” I think it is unlikely that they met every single goal they came up with, so why not report on where they struggled and why. This full transparency will lead towards real progress, showing they are honest with themselves. However, that is the only complaint I have with this otherwise model company.