Planet Pillow by Pegasus Home Fashions

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Isaiah Fowler
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Pegasus Home Fashions doesn’t provide any information on this product besides what’s on the bag. I tried looking on their website and they just name a few unique technologies that they use in some of their products. I think that if you're going to claim that your pillow is saving the planet you should provide some more information that backs this statement.

what it's made of:


This pillow claims to have a 100% organic cotton cover and an earth friendly, recycled, high loft fiber fill. As great as this sounds, it’s hard for me to believe because this product doesn’t seem to have any of the industry standard certifications such as OCS, GOTS or Oeko-Tex. So, without any type of proof, I can't award them with much credit for this.

how it's made:


The only information that I was able to uncover is that the pillow was powered with Ecosphere Technology. Ecosphere Technologies is a company that uses chemical-free water recycling to prevent wastewater from harming our ecosystem. This would be awesome because the textile industries are responsible for one of the major environmental pollution problems in the world due to the wastewater that is produced. However, this is only speculation, I'm not positive if this is the same Ecosphere Technologies that is on the Planet Pillow bag because I can't find the logo that’s on the bag on the Ecosphere website that I found. Once again, I can't award much credit for this because of their lack of transparency.

who makes it:


Pegasus is a family owned and operated company with Bill Deliberti as the President. For Pegasus, it is extremely important that they “partner with foundations in the community whenever possible” which is why they donate to Susan G. Komen to join the fight against breast cancer. In 2019, Pegasus had a case brought up against them and others for an injunction against misappropriation of trade secrets. I can't get too much information on this because of a pay wall; however, it looks like the case was dismissed by the plaintiff. I don’t know if they came to an agreement outside of the court or if the plaintiff couldn’t afford the legal fees anymore, but the fact that the lawsuit was brought up against Pegasus is still kind of suspicioius.