Re-Play Made in the USA No Spill Sippy Cups

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Connor Ganiats
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To summarize, in all of my time reviewing the many cups that people drink out of, Re-Play has easily been the one that feels the most transparent and sustainable. It committed to using 100% recycled plastics from the very start, and its silicone lids pose no risk unlike many others that contain the Tritan polymer. It chooses to place its entire production process in the United States, a move that few other companies in this line of work have been bold enough to pursue. Moreover, Re-Play seems to treat its employees with a genuine level of respect and kindness. It is for all of these reasons that I give the Re-Play No Spill Sippy Cup the highest rating that I have ever given a product. 

what it's made of:


During my time reviewing many variations of drinking containers, there has been area of the bottle that has consistently yielded the most issues both in terms of environmental impact and health concerns: the lid. Whether it be through the health risks it can pose through the presence of synthetic estrogens or the fact that it is often the one area of the container not made up of recycled materials, this is always the problematic area. That is why I am pleased to say the “Re-play No Spill Sippy Cup” is the first product that I have researched that seems to have fully avoided all of these concerns. Firstly, the product is made of 100% recycled plastic, which makes for a very sustainable source of manufacturing materials. In addition to this, the lid of this cup is made with a silicone valve, which alleviates the issues regarding the consumption of synthetic estrogens in other products that I have reviewed. Often these plastic cups use Tritan lids, which have shown in the past to contain these synthetic estrogens. No matter how much research I did, I could not find any problems with the materials used in the making of these cups, and it was a pleasure to see a product doing things the right way in this regard. 

how it's made:


In addition to the many positives stemming from the sustainable and safe materials making up this product, I was also pleased to learn that these sippy cups are made, assembled, and tested fully in the USA. This is good for many reasons. Many large companies making products like this outsource a lot of their production to other countries where overhead cost is cheaper and manufacturing standards are much lower. Basing their production fully in the US shows that Re-Play has a lot less to hide than many of the big corporations out there that are manufacturing their products in third world sweatshops. This isn’t the only benefit to their homegrown roots, the shortened distance makes for a product that does not need humongous carbon expenditures to transfer overseas. Overall, it was very pleasing to see a product that seemingly has nothing to hide. 

who makes it:


For a company making products that appeal to the family unit, Replay has a very appealing policy of allowing employees to work around their family schedules. After reading this detail on the company I was surprised that I had never heard of any other companies in this area of work having a similar policy. It seems like such a humane and reasonable action but you rarely hear of companies being that generous. In addition to treating its employees well, Re-Play also seems to have a strong commitment to environmental causes. The mission statement in it’s about me section goes “Re-Think It, Inc. was founded by husband and wife team Craig and Amy Shumway with the goal of producing high quality, durable, and sustainable consumer goods”. With its commitment to using fully recyclable plastic and manufacturing only in the US, Re-Play appears to be a company that has a good head on its shoulders.