Redmond Life's Earthpaste

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Claire deVroede
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Earthpaste is a unique, effective toothpaste with only 8 ingredients. Although this product lacks the many harmful foaming agents and artificial coloring ingredients that traditional toothpastes have, it still comes in the same old non-recyclable tube. Although evidence suggests that Redmond Life is a responsible employer that has long-term employees with flexible schedules, Redmond Life has not been transparent about the origins of their ingredients or the effects of their supply chains and facilities. 

what it's made of:


Redmond Life’s Earthpaste miraculously only has 8 ingredients (Water, Bentonite Clay, non-GMO Xylitol, Peppermint Essential Oil, Activated Charcoal, Menthol, Sea Salt, Tea Tree Oil). This is significantly less than the standard toothpaste. This product is vegan and does not contain coloring or foaming agents, Fluoride, or glycerin. Bentonite clay is a natural clay with a variety of remedial functions that has been used for hundreds of years. Bentonite clay deposits must be mined, which is a environmentally destructive and unsustainable practice.

Xylitol is processed using the pulp from birch trees or corn. According to Redmond Life’s website the corn and birch trees used to create this ingredient are non-GMO, however this has not been certified by the Non-GMO Project or other credible organization. The Peppermint Essential Oil “generally comes from the Northwest.” None of their essential oils are certified USDA Organic. The company states that they source their charcoal from hardwood and coconut shells but they do not specify where these ingredients come from, if they are farmed sustainably, or if they are making use of a by-product. Tea Tree Oil is not supposed to be ingested and is prescribed for topical use only, but the company claims that in the amounts they use, the toothpaste is still safe to consume.
Although it is amazing what this toothpaste does not have in it, the ingredients they do include, although they are few, still have questionable origins. Until Earthpaste has more responsibly sourced ingredients, I give this product a lower rating. 

how it's made:


Redmond Life’s Earthpaste is packaged in the classic non-recyclable toothpaste tube of which you are all familiar. Hundreds of millions of plastic toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes end up in the landfill or ocean every year. This is unacceptable. For this reason alone you should not buy this product.
Redmond Life doesn’t include any specific information about the people that create these products or the conditions they work in. They claim that their products are “wild crafted.” This gives the consumer no insight per the environmental impact of their facilities or supply chain.

who makes it:


Redmond Life’s discloses few detail about their company on their website. I did however find an article written in Heber Valley Life about the Utah based enterprise. Redmond Life makes a variety of products but they mainly mine, package and distribute salt. The author describes their facilities as “a picture of cleanliness and safety.” Darryl Bosshardt, one of the founders, explains that there are not official positions within the company and that they are holistic about their hiring and management processes. He claims it can take multiple years for them to hire a certain individual. Once these employees are hired, they tend to stay at Redmond Life. Bosshardt stated the company has a turnover rate of less than half a percent, far less than the industry average. Darryl stated that once his employees understand the company motto of “putting yourself in the place of most potential” they create their own work schedule and spend their time the way it is best spent according to them. The article included voices of employees who affirmed this principle. However, this could likely be a managerial method that only applies to workers in higher-up, more administrative position. More information is needed regarding employees that work in their production and distribution sectors. However, this business philosophy seems incredibly unique and ahead of its time. I can only hope that their departments in dental products share the same qualities.