Rothy’s The Point in Marigold Shoes

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Molly Conlin
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These shoes are a great go-to for both comfort and sustainability!

what it's made of:


Plastic waste is upcycled into a remarkably soft fabric that’s durable, and washable! That means reduced plastic waste, much of which ends up in the ocean. Plus, since they’re made to last, you won’t need to replace them as frequently as some other shoes.

how it's made:


These shoes are “3D knit to shape”, which means no scraps of fabric waste. This not only prevents litter and pollution, but also ensures a cleaner and safer work environment in the factory. Questions about water pollution..

who makes it:


The Rothy’s factory is in Dongguan, China where they employ 906 people. Because the company owns their own factory, they are better able to ensure that waste and pollution are kept to a minimum (zero is their goal). They are also able to ensure that employees are given a safe and comfortable work environment and treated well. These shoes are not certified Fair Trade and so it is not known how well they compensate their employees.