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Rachel Carney
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Period products are essential for around half of the world’s population, but the majority of products available to consumers are incredibly wasteful. Menstrual cups are an answer to this problem, as they provide a reusable product for people with periods that can last up to ten years if taken care of properly. When compared to the average tampon, which comes individually packaged with an unrecyclable plastic applicator, Saalt’s Menstrual Cup is an incredibly sustainable option. Priced at $29, the Saalt Cup is meant to last consumers ten years. Outside of being a reusable product with a long life-cycle, Saalt partners with a wide array of social organizations worldwide and is plastic negative, making it an incredibly sustainable brand. The Saalt Cup is one of the greenest period products available, but I would be interested in seeing them go further with their green and social initiatives in the future, as well as improve on transparency. 

what it's made of:


The Saalt Cup is made from 100% medical-grade silicone and is BPA, Latex, and Toxin free. On their about page, Saalt states that they “meticulously” monitor their supply chain to ensure that their medical grade materials are clean and ethically sourced and keep toxins out of the ecosystem and our bodies. Though silicone is not the most sustainable product, it is one of the only options right now for safe period hygiene and is absolutely more sustainable than tampons or pads, which must be thrown away after each use and are often packaged in plastic.

Saalt partners with rePurpose global to ensure that their products are plastic negative, rather than just plastic neutral. Saalt donates a percentage of their profits to help collect plastic waste from oceans and landfills, which is then sent to a partner organization in Bekasi, Indonesia that collects, processes, and reuses the plastic waste. 

how it's made:


Saalt states that they “focus on finding partners that align with our standards of fair wages, safe and healthy labor conditions, and clean manufacturing” in their supply chain. However, this is as far as their website goes into outlining their supply chain. Saalt seems to be a transparent brand, so I would like to see their website updated in the future to include this information.

Saalt is a certified B Corporation, vegan and cruelty-free, and FDA registered and compliant. The B Corporation certification essentially means that the company undergoes a third-party review of all aspects of their business, including labor and manufacturing. However, obtaining the certification requires earning only 80 out of 200 possible points on an online assessment, followed by site visits. I was unable to find any information on Saalt’s manufacturing outside of the brief statement above, and because of the flaws in the B Corp certification, there is not a way to verify if Saalt is truly sustainably made. 

who makes it:


 I was unable to find more specific information on Saalt’s labor practices or manufacturing than what I discussed in the “How it’s Made” section, but as a certified B Corporation, Saalt goes through “an in-depth review of public record of the companies, employees, products and other relative topics and randomized site visits.” This means that unfair labor practices are unlikely, though I would like to see manufacturing information more readily available on Saalt’s website. Stateside, their home base in Idaho employs mostly women and many working mothers and boasts benefits such as a free, on-site daycare service for employees.

Outside of just plastic cleanup, Saalt is involved in an impressive amount of social initiatives. The corporation donates either money or menstrual products to a wide variety of organizations worldwide, from initiatives to give menstrual cups to Australian firefighters to funding education opportunities and providing period products to the Wiser School in Kenya. Their annual impact reports since 2018 can be found at the second link below. Overall, I was very impressed with Saalt as a company and I am considering trying their products in the future.