Saran Premium Wrap

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Cella DePrima
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SC Johnson is following important sustainability initiatives, and use the Greenlist Program for every ingredient used in their products, which I feel is an important step in the right direction for such a large corporation. However, I would still like to know more about their production processes and supply chain to fully evaluate the sustainability of their products, as this is something they lack transparency for. While this product is comparable, if not more sustainable than other brands of plastic cling wrap, I would altogether encourage consumers to look at reusable versions of this product, such as Veotore Silicone Stretch Lids, as the product of plastic cling wrap itself is wasteful.

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The ingredients in the product are low-density polyethylene (LDPE), plastic, and polybutylene (PB), which acts as the cling agent. Initially the product was made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), but the parent company of Saran, SC Johnson, switched the ingredient when concerns about the environmental toxicity came out, as PVC and PDVC release toxic chemicals into the environment when burned. While this is a positive change in ingredients, LDPE is still not good for the environment, as it is not recyclable.

how it's made:


SC Johnson does not have much transparency about their production process or supply chain, except to say that they value universal human rights and giving back to the communities where they are located. They are also based out of Wisconsin in the US, but have locations in 70 different countries.

who makes it:


Saran is owned by SC Johnson, which values supporting universal human rights, choosing ingredients using their SC Johnson Greenlist process, reducing emissions, waste, and the use of fossil fuels, minimizing landfill impact, and contributing to host communities. They also have a goal to reach net-zero deforestation by 2020 through sustainable sourcing of paper, pulp, packaging, and palm oil, and have 15 renewable energy initiatives around the world to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.