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Mikaela Terhune
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Simple company has made an effort to limit its impact with 100% recycled packaging and sustainably sourced ingredients. This product is one of the most environmentally friendly cleansing towelettes available. The product is made without harsh additives, parabens, sulfates, allergens, or synthetic fragrances- ensuring it is not harsh on the skin or the environment. Natural plant fibers and wood pulp are used to make the wipes biodegradable to reduce the product lifecycle waste. Overall, this product is affordable and environmentally conscious and provides the consumer a good compostable substitute for an otherwise wasteful product.

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Ingredients: *AQUA, **CETEARYL ISONONANOATE, **BENZOIC ACID,**CETEARETH-12, **CETEARETH-20, **CETEARYL ALCOHOL, **CITRIC ACID, **DEHYDROACETIC ACID, **DISODIUM EDTA, **GLYCERIN, **GLYCERYL STEARATE, **PANTHENOL, **PANTOLACTONE, **PHENOXYETHANOL, **SODIUM CITRATE, **TOCOPHERYL ACETATE* The ingredients used in the Simple facial cleansing towelettes are a mix of synthetic and organic. All of the ingredients are free of harmful alcohols, allergens, gluten, sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. These ingredients have a low ecotoxicity rating which reflects the nature and impact of the substance on the environment. Phenoxyethanol is the most problematic ingredient and is often used in cosmetics as a stabilizer and a preservative. The use of this chemical is controversial since it has a variety of harmful effects, but it’s approved for use by the FDA in minute doses. Since the ingredients in this product are chemical, there is little environmental impact in the extraction of these products. Simple uses limited and natural ingredients to produce this compostable product.

how it's made:


The production of cleansing towelettes is relatively straightforward as there are many instructions online. Clothes are soaked in the solution, folded, packaged, and sealed. The production of cleansing towelettes on a mass scale has various environmental impacts as mass production requires the use of machinery and increased emissions of greenhouse gases. This product is compostable, using ingredients like renewable plant fibers and sustainable wood pulp to produce wipes. The product is convenient to use and environmentally friendly with biodegradable and alcohol, paraben, and sulfate-free ingredients. Each towelette is designed to be used and thrown away, which feeds into wasteful habits, however, this product is designed to reduce waste. The design of compostable towelettes is successful in reducing the persistence, environmental impact, and overall lifespan of this product.

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Simple is cruelty-free certified by PETA that claims to be kind to skin and the environment. Their products have no synthetic fragrance or color and avoid using any harsh chemicals. The ingredients used in their products must pass their strict mildness criteria, assessing how sensitive they are to skin and the environment. Simple’s goal is to leave the smallest and kindest footprint possible. To reduce their impact Simple has implemented 100% recycled plastic bottles, reduced plastic from packaging, and source their ingredients sustainably. Simple is owned by Unilever and has adopted their sustainable living plan to improve on sourcing and further reduce their impact.


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