Teva Original Universal Sandals

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Cella DePrima
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Teva is centered around values that emphasize the protection of the environment and reduction of waste, and they have incorporated important sustainability initiatives into their company, especially in regards to the materials their products are made from. However, they could still offer more transparency about their production processes and could source their labor locally instead of in other countries. Additionally, while they offer information about the materials that are used in part of their products, they lack a complete list that includes the soles of their shoes.

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The straps of Teva sandals are made completely from recycled plastic and REPREVE yarn. However, they do not include much information about the materials the soles of their products are made from, which is something I would like to know more about to get a better idea about the sustainability of this product. They also approach the packaging of their products with a life-cycle assessment approach to lessen the environmental impacts of their packaging, which is a good step in the right direction to reduce their footprint from packaging.

how it's made:


While Teva has followed some important sustainability initiatives in creating their products, they still do not offer as much transparency about their production processes. Most of their products are also manufactured in China, El Salvador, or Vietnam, so there are greater carbon emissions associated with the transport of their products.

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Teva’s values include the protection of wildlife and making the outdoors accessible. They are also focused on reducing their footprint, emphasizing water, waste, and equality. Starting in 2020, all of the straps on their products have been made from 100% recycled plastic.