The ‘Lunar’ One Piece Swimsuit from Anekdote

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Sarah Diekmeyer
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Finding a swimsuit that’s fashionable, durable, and responsibly sourced has always been a challenge for me. However, these criteria don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The Lunar swimsuit, priced at 160 euros, is a one piece offered in three different colours from a brand named Anekdot, might just be the one that ticks all of the boxes. Anekdot is a small Berlin-based start-up that operates from a studio in the district of Kreuzberg and has set its mission to offer consumers environmentally sustainable lingerie and swimwear. The brand has sustainability at the core of its mission and strives to incorporate new innovative processes or materials into its business.
Overall, the Lunar one piece is rated at a score of 2.5 planets. While it is made from responsibly sourced materials and it is clear that the brand has good intentions, there is room for improvement, particularly at the end of life and disposal phase of the product

what it's made of:


What makes Anekdote’s star product, the Lunar swimsuit, special is the material which it is composed of: 78% of which is made of regenerated Nylon called Econyl. Econyl is made of waste like fishing nets and fabric scraps which are recycled to transform the nylon back into its original state; hence, it provides a win-win situation for both the environment and the fashion industry.

The main components of one Luna swimsuit are:
1. Fabric: 78% Econyl (68,17g) – 22% Elastane (19,23g)
2. Polyester thread (6g)
3. Elastic (32g)
4. Tags (3g)

The components of one Luna Swimsuit’s packaging are:
1. Paper bag (3g)
2. Carton box (111g)
3. Flyer (3g)

In regards to the tags used in the production of the Lunar Swimsuit, one made of cotton and one made of recycled polyester. There is also one paper tag attached to the swimsuit through a small lace. While the majority of the suit is made of upcycled materials, there are still some of it (such as the elastic and polyester) that is not, which is why it merits a score of 2.75 planets.

how it's made:


The Lunar swimsuit is assembled in the Anekdote studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin. As Anekdote’s manufacturing process of the swimsuit only consists in cutting followed by sewing, which only involves domestic household sewing machines, this stage is expected to have a low environmental impact. However, this excludes the transportation of raw materials from the manufacturing company of the raw materials in Poland to Germany, as well as the transportation of the cut fabric to the sewing places in Berlin. By keeping the manufacturing process of the Lunar one piece within Europe, Anekdote claims that they are able to keep a close eye on the practices used, while also keeping the carbon footprint low, ensuring fair wages, and support local talents rather than outsourcing the labour to another country.

Anekdot is currently using the DHL go green service for home delivering across Europe. DHL Go Green positions themselves as a Carbon Neutral delivering program by offsetting their emissions through credits donations towards environmental and social oriented projects around the world. Although carbon-offsetting is not the solution, it displays the intention of the brand to decarbonize last mile deliveries. It is unclear which sort of shipping is used for international orders.

Furthermore, Anekdote operates by being as Zero-Waste as possible. Unused materials are donated or sold to other local creatives in Berlin, or fully given to art & education refugee projects located at S27 and Templehof Airport. 

who makes it:


Anekdote is an upcycled brand which focuses on using certified recycled nylon made in Italy, as clearly stated in the About section of their website. They operate as one brick and mortar studio/store while having the rest of their orders placed online. Sofie, the founder of Anekdote and the designer of the Lunar one piece, was born in Sweden, has a background in fashion design in Italy, and was trained in London working with pioneers in sustainable fashion. The Anekdote brand was built out of a passion project during Sofie’s relocation to Berlin as her mission to change the fast fashion industry. All of the collections are seasonless and made to last and remain in style despite the changing trends.

Financial information is currently unavailable for Anekdote. It is unclear how the brand was funded or how capitial was raised to launch the startup. However, this may be due to the fact that the company is still relatively new and this sort of information is not yet made public.