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Claire deVroede
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Wax Apothecary’s Tobacco Candle is perhaps my favorite scent. I wouldn’t be upset if the whole world smelled like this candle. If you enjoy aromatherapy but would like to avoid all the artificial, excessively floral scents I highly recommend this product. When I looked into ordering more, I was surprised by how many ways this small company has dodged using plastics, palm oils, pesticides and other harmful ingredients. The cordial owner spoke to me personally about the multi-year process of creating, combining and sourcing all the organic, plant-based materials necessary to create this quality product. Wax Apothecary has a simple, thoughtful supply chain and each candle purchased plants a single tree via the international, transparent non-profit organization One Tree Planted. I am writing this review to celebrate this business.  

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Wax Apothecary’s Candles are not tested on animals and do not contain animal products of any kind. This company has abstained from using petroleum, paraffin and beeswax in all their products. These candles are entirely sourced from vegetables, none of which are genetically modified or treated with pesticides. Although the qualities listed above do not have certification from external groups like The Non-GMO Project, when I spoke to the owner he stated he puts a lot of effort in correctly sourcing these organic products and that certifications are often expensive for small company like this one, which they are. The wax in all their products is 100% natural and biodegradable. They do not contain any chemicals or additives. All Wax Apothecary’s wicks are lead-free. All of the essential oils used to create these candles are produced in America, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. To keep the prices down and avoid plastic packaging, the essential oils are ordered in bulk. They come in large metal basins that are reusable. 

how it's made:


I spoke with owner, Mike, to ask about the process of producing these candles. They are all hand-poured by him at their single studio in Southern California. He states their facilities are incredibly safe and clean. He added that because the candles do not contain any synthetic material, should wax spill on an employee it will not burn or harm them.
Although this company uses new US-sourced glassware for their 7oz products, these containers are actually scotch glasses. Once you have reached the end of your candle, simply pour boiling water into the glass to remove residual wax and wick, empty it out and cheers mate! Your new scotch glass! (I have tried this and it works very well)
He also stated that if you are near their facilities in Idyllwild, California you can send in that glass or tin container to be refilled! Their supply chain is pretty simple which is fantastic! Wax Apothecary products are not widely available. To keep the carbon footprint of this item minimal, I suggest only ordering this item if you live in or around Southern California or purchasing this item if you come across it in a store. The 7oz candles are packaged using these recyclable paper containers as seen above. 

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As stated before, all candles are hand-poured by the owner. He states that all of his employees receive minimum wage for the first 6 weeks of employment then receive raises as they take on larger roles in the business. Wax Apothecary is also a Reforestation Partner. Each candle purchased with a “This Product Plants One Tree” sticker plants one tree! This is executed through a partnership with One Tree Planted, a 501c 3 non-profit that has reforestation projects all over the world. This organization received the Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency in 2020. Through Guidestar, One Tree Planted provides data annually about the regions in which they plant trees. This includes how many trees have been planted through their organization (4,010,962 trees in 2019) and how many acres of habitat have been restored (74,000 acres in 2019). They describe their Sustainable Development Goal to protect existing trees and plant new ones. They reduce greenhouse gases through reforestation and connect groups globally that contribute to this effort through their simple 1 dollar = 1 tree system. This group has been recognized by the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Reforestation 2021 - 2030 initiative. If you live in Southern California and would like to buy a candle to repair our burning forests, please support this business!