YEW! Your Environment’s Wax *THE ORIGINAL COLD WAX*

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Abigail Dateo
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YEW! is the most sustainable surf wax to use. It is made of beeswax sourced from collapsed bee colonies that would be waste, and the product is genuinely natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic, unlike greenwashed products like Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax (see my review for this product). Surfers and hockey players can use YEW! and feel proud that their consumption comes without negative environmental impacts. Additionally, YEW! consumers should be proud to support a genuine small-business owner, Hogan Peters, as his mission for creating YEW! stems from environmental concerns and believing “small changes lead to big changes.” This type of mindset will be key to redefining a sustainable economy.

what it's made of:


YEW! stands for “Your Environment’s Wax.” It is a surf and hockey wax made primarily with beeswax. I could not find specific information about what else is in the product, but I am hoping that this is for patent reasons, since the brand’s CEO seems genuinely interested in sustainability; see the “who makes it” section of this review. The product is genuinely all natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic to both humans and marine life. I say genuinely since other surf wax products, like Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax, claim to be biodegradable and non-toxic (see my review for Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax). However, products like Sex Wax are made of paraffin wax, which release carbon into the atmosphere as they biodegrade and are toxic to marine species. That being said, YEW! is a natural product made of beeswax. It biodegrades without detrimental impacts on marine life, so it doesn’t have associated greenhouse gas emissions such as products made with paraffin wax. I recommend shifting from other surf waxes to YEW! It is a sustainable choice of surf wax, and consumers can use this product without feeling guilty about its environmental impacts. Additionally, the product is packaged in cardboard, which produces much less waste than plastic. I rate this product at 2.75 planets because it is made of natural ingredients and doesn’t have negative environmental impacts; the only thing holding me back from rating this at 3 planets is lack of specific information about the other ingredients in the product.

how it's made:


YEW! is made of beeswax that is bought from collapsing bee colonies. The product’s inventor, Hogan Peters, runs a one-man operation in creating and packaging the product. I rate the “how it’s made section” at 2.5 planets; there wasn’t specific information about how the product is processed and distributed. However, since Peters makes the product independently, on a small scale, YEW! is much more sustainable than waxes that are manufactured at large. Therefore, there aren’t high greenhouse gas emissions associated with creating the product. 

who makes it:


Hogan Peters is the creator of YEW! He started the company in 2020 with genuine intentions for supporting sustainability; as a hockey player and surfer, he realized that the wax products he used for sport were environmentally harmful. Therefore, he created YEW! as an alternative, eco-friendly wax for surfers and hockey players. The YEW! website expresses the founder’s genuine intentions for sustainability, as it tells surfers about the need and mission behind creating YEW! The website warns surfers about the detrimental environmental impacts of popular surf products made of paraffin wax, further expressing how YEW! is a sustainable alternative. YEW! encourages conscious consumerism because the product is driven by environmental needs, and the company educates clients about the specific environmental issues that drive the need for innovation.
YEW!‘s founder, Hogan Peters, seems very genuine and transparent; according to Spectrum News 1, LA-West, Peters’ innovations are driven by his beliefs that “small changes lead to big changes.” When the pandemic hit, Peters’ shifted from creating surf and hockey washes to making soaps with beeswax. He even donated a lot of the product to El Camino College students, as he wanted to give back during the pandemic to people in need.
I rate the “who makes it” section at 3 planets because the product was created because of an environmental need; Hogan Peters is transparent about his intentions for sustainability, and the product and his interviews reflect this. Additionally, Peters seems to be a genuine, caring person; we need more creators to adopt his positive belief that “small changes lead to big changes,” in order to shift to a sustainable economy!