Zales: Vera Wang Love Collection 1-3/4 CT. T.W. Pear-Shaped Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

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Asia Juarez
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Zales is making efforts to be more sustainable and has tons of certificates to prove so. But Zales is a daughter company of Signet. Which is where most of the information comes from. Their quality is lasting, and they seem to be using recycled materials in their jewlery, but they are not clear as to how much of their jewelry is recyled silver. That is something these big names in jewelery should be doing, if they can list the Karat of the diamond and the color of the gold, there shouldn’t be an issue here. 

what it's made of:


This specific product is made of gold and diamonds, Signet requires all their “trade suppliers of diamonds and diamond jewelry to provide warranties in the form agreed by the World Diamond Council and/or Kimberley Process Certificates” The gold is mined from outside of the US, the gold is conflict free and complies with international organizations and being responsible mining. Although they have a ton of certifications that make it responsible, there is nothing circular about this. They dont use recycled gold and the diamonds are either mined or lab grown. It is unclear what type of diamond is being used in this product. I assume that the diamond is mined, their diamonds are labeled as conflict free, which means they do not destroy, contaminate or damage the environment they are mining in. With that being said, it is nice but not agreeing with being in a circular economy. 

how it's made:


It is unclear how the rings are made. There is plenty information on the sources of the diamond and gold that make up this ring. They list where they get it from, what their ethics are when they purchase them, the rules they have set for suppliers, all this and they don’t have a thing about who makes the jewlery. But without information on if they require out of state manufacturers or child labor is involved it is unknown. The company does make statements saying they inclusion, diversity, LGBTQ support, and do not condone any discrimination. This is directly about the sales rep in Zales location across america who are the face of th ecompnay. They dont discuss anything thats not face of company. Overcompensation of reports and reports I had to read through to find nothing about this. Although they make statements on fairness and ethics, if they can include a report every year on their company, there is no issue to include the labor behind jewlery.

who makes it:


All the information Ive found on Zales was from the parent Signet Jewelers, which is also the parent company of Kay Jewelers, Jared, Piercing Pagoda,, Rocksbox Jewelery, Ernest Jones, H. samuel, and Peoples. Signet Jewelers hold a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to the treatment of their employees, sustainability, circular economy, quality of products and their efforts to make a goal. They take accountability and transparency very seriously in their business. All seem to be going in a positive direction, and they are sorta enforcing it? They make statement on their sites such as “Signet expects all its suppliers”, “Signet expects that its suppliers will not discriminate on race”,“Suppliers are encouraged to institute a self-monitoring system.” Which is odd, considering this is the Suppliers code of conduct. Why not use must in the wording if you have so many certifications and rules you state your suppliers abide by.